AGILOX North America Head Office


AGILOX North America Head Office

Anyone who ever had the opportunity to travel the United States of America has quickly realized one thing: It is a huge country. Its lower 48 states span across 4 different time zones, and even more if you include the states of Alaska and Hawaii. So, choosing the right location for the AGILOX North America head office was a challenge.

Thankfully, there were a few parameters that guided us.

Number 1: Go where your customers are!
Number 2: Be where the talent is!
And number 3: Make sure that you can schedule transatlantic Teams Meetings (mostly) during regular business hours

Which is why AGILOX North America chose Atlanta, GA, for its headquarters. The State of Georgia is a popular business hub for national and international companies, its capital Atlanta (home of Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, UPS, to name but a few) is growing at a rapid pace and attracting new people, and travel connections through the Atlanta Airport are plentiful.

Our Client Experience and Fulfillment Center is located in Flowery Branch, GA, just north of Atlanta. The 30,000 sq ft facility is the perfect hub for AGILOX North America to set up our operations center from which we ship the AMRs to our customers, support them throughout the entire United States, and initiate any service activities if necessary.

It is also the perfect location where we welcome existing and future clients to experience the full width of capabilities of all AGILOX AMR solutions available to date: The allrounder AGILOX ONE, the powerhouse AGILOX OCF, the box carrier AGILOX BCO, and soon the brand-new dolly mover AGILOX ODM. The facility dramatically increases our ability to educate our clients about the advantages of our AMR solutions, and to train our customers in operating, administering, and maintaining the vehicles. It even allows us to replicate a client’s environment and tailor the training sessions to their specific needs

In short: Atlanta, GA, is where AGILOX North America found a home, and from where we continue to grow our business in the years to come.


Impressions of the AGILOX North America Head Office

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