AGILOX ONE - The Allrounder


Small and maneuverable, the AGILOX ONE transports pallets even through the narrowest aisles.

At AGILOX, we see our products as the revolutionary evolution of veteran Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Compared to conventional logistics robots, our intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) possess extensive, autonomous basic intelligence. With the highest quality, the AGILOX ONE is 100% developed and manufactured by the AGILOX company – from mechanics to electronics, automation and navigation to software. Thus, software and hardware are meticulously coordinated and function in perfect harmony with each other.

Despite its own weight of just 380 kg, the logistics robot can handle a load of up to one ton and lift it to a height of up to 1000 mm. Small yet powerful is the motto. The lifting concept is based on an electrically driven double spindle. The maximum driving speed with load is 1.4 m/s. The vehicle was specially developed for load carriers such as pallets, boxes and trolleys. Of course, the product complies with all relevant standards and safety requirements.


We rely on Plug & Play commissioning

Our AGILOX ONE may look extremely compact and handy, but it provides a powerful performance. It was specially developed for customers who, on the one hand, need a robust, reliable industrial robot but, on the other hand, want to do without complicated equipment such as a host computer or navigation aids, etc. Using a 2D laser scanner, the AGILOX independently draws a map of the room, which only needs to be fine-tuned by the commissioning engineer in a few steps. To draw the map, the AGILOX is guided through the room only once by hand and records all navigation contours located in the room, such as machines, equipment and objects. This means that the first AGILOX can be put into operation within a few hours, and any additional vehicle within a few minutes via Plug & Play. Navigation aids such as magnetic dots etc. are thus a thing of the past. The navigation system developed by AGILOX can determine its position with an accuracy of +/- 3 mm and can drive „blind” for up to 100 m. This makes the system ideal even for demanding production environments.


The AGILOX ONE with the proven AGILOX X-Swarm Technology

With the two safety scanners installed at floor level, the robot sees all potential obstacles in its path at an angle of approx. 270°. If it is not possible to avoid the obstacle due to the space available, the speed is slowed down or the vehicle stops completely. Thus, these sensors already counteract all accidents in collaborative man-machine traffic. It avoids obstacles with a newly calculated route and communicates this directly to other AGILOX robots in the room. This is part of AGILOX swarm intelligence, because our machines communicate with each other. We call this the AGILOX X-Swarm Technology. The vehicles know at every second what job other AGILOX robots are working on at the moment and where they are. If an AGILOX detects a problem, it informs the others. These in turn are warned in advance and can respond intelligently and proactively to the information. The same communication also ensures optimized distribution of jobs among the individual devices. Swarm intelligence guarantees optimal allocation of jobs to the swarm and thus optimal system performance. The optimization is dynamic and based on real-time data such as the current position, the loading status of the individual vehicles or the order properties such as the priority of the tasks. This ensures that the most suitable AGILOX at a specific moment receives and processes a given task. The AGILOX X-Swarm Technology completely takes over the familiar host computer functionalities and also ensures redundant control.

In order to be able to negotiate even complex routes, which occur very often due to grown circumstances in the production and logistics areas, a special driving concept is required that guarantees maximum freedom of movement. We take this challenge lightly. What does that mean? Four drive units allow the AGILOX ONE to turn 360° around the own axis, or to enter narrow aisles. This saves space and thus costs. Grandiose, isn’t it?



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