All Data at a glance


AGILOX ANALYTICS offers a wide range of options to increase the efficiency of your processes.

Data analytics is a key factor for evaluation and optimization in the material handling industry – especially when it can be easily performed via a browser without additional effort. While our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) directly improve efficiency in operation, our private, cloud-based data analytics platform, AGILOX Analytics, provides performance analysis as well as software support for the entire AGILOX fleet. In addition, various charts and maps allow productivity analyses and error visualizations. Feature highlights include a shift model and various data comparison options, in addition to a personalized dashboard.


Personalized dashboard

The dashboard offers the option of personalized AGILOX Analytics. Pin the charts to the dashboard and resize them. This way, you can customize your AGILOX Analytics to your personal needs and see the info most relevant for you at a glance.


Shift model

To get even more precise data, AGILOX Analytics offers you the possibility to set your individual shift model. Both working hours and working days can be selected. For example, you work from Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm? No problem! Adjust the data to your individual needs.


Data comparison options 

Whether individually, combined or summed up – choose the mode that suits you best to create a detailed overview of your (intra-)logistics processes. In combined mode, the data of the individual vehicles are displayed simultaneously. This function is suitable for comparing and analyzing the performance of the individual vehicles.  In single mode, you can see the data of one vehicle in each widget and switch between all selected vehicles. This function is suitable for a detailed analysis of your vehicles. In sum mode, the data of each selected vehicle is accumulated and displayed as one big vehicle. This function is suitable for a rough overview of your fleet.

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