Automation, Efficiency increase

Unlocking Automation for Increased Efficiency

Unlike rigid systems such as assembly lines or controlled vehicles like AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), which adhere to predefined guidelines, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) operate autonomously, allowing them to determine their own paths and make real-time adjustments. This unparalleled flexibility allows for quick adaptations to changing structures without major efforts.

Let's explore additional reasons and advantages that support the use of autonomous transport vehicles, exemplified by AGILOX - a pioneering market leader in advanced autonomous transport technology.


1. Optimal Space Utilization

Space is valuable, and traditional storage methods and wide connecting routes, required for manually operated forklifts, consume substantial space that could be better utilized. AGILOX AMRs, with their omnidirectional drive concept, optimize space usage, resulting in efficient and cost-saving operations. Their exceptional agility enables maneuverability even in narrow aisles, maximizing every inch of available space.

2. X-SWARM Technology

Swarm intelligence represents the collective ability to collaborate effectively. Implementing this capability technologically is a remarkable achievement, and AGILOX AMRs use the innovative "X-SWARM Technology" that makes scalability effortless and complication-free. When multiple AMRs operate in a fleet, they communicate and cooperate, balancing workloads, sharing tasks, and exchanging information about obstacles encountered. This communication ensures efficient operations and the ability to navigate dynamically through newly defined routes.

3. Plug & Perform

AGILOX AMRs' scalability, driven by their swarm technology, facilitates rapid fleet commissioning. A single AGILOX AMR, controlled via a smartphone or tablet, can navigate through the warehouse or production hall, creating a virtual map of the space and measuring transport routes. Within less than 12 hours, the AMRs can be assigned their task processes. Any additional AMRs in the fleet will inherit a copy of the initial AMR's records, allowing them to be deployed in just 15 minutes without any additional effort.

4. Safety First

AGILOX AMRs prioritize safety and excel in collaborative environments with other vehicles and humans. Rigorous development processes, meticulous sensor technology, and control systems tested and certified by external institutes ensure the utmost safety for people, machinery, and the surroundings. Optional features like the forward-facing Floor Spot, indicating vehicle approach, and Obstacle Avoidance further enhance the advanced safety systems integrated into AGILOX AMRs. The use of such sophisticated and predictive safety measures sets them apart from inflexible systems.

5. Simplified Operations

Managing, controlling, adjusting settings, and maintaining AGILOX products have never been easier. Any trained employee can operate AGILOX AMRs. The system is controlled through a user-friendly browser application accessible on various devices, such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones. The days of relying on external specialists for time-consuming and costly interventions are long gone.

Designed and manufactured in Austria

AGILOX distinguishes itself by producing its entire range of high-tech, innovative products in Austria. By maintaining full control over technological development and manufacturing processes, AGILOX ensures a streamlined production that eliminates the potential errors that arise from combining elements from different manufacturers.

This article covers only one aspect of the numerous considerations when transitioning to automated transport systems. To explore further details, we invite you to download our free checklist, which is available here. Additionally, you can access detailed articles on each listed point, all free of charge and beyond the scope of the current topic.


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