How can AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) support you in times of shortage of skilled workers

Automation, Efficiency increase

You are probably familiar with the problem: There are enough orders and work, but there are not enough skilled workers to process them professionally and on time. Automated transport solutions make a valuable contribution in such situations, bridging any personnel shortages and preventing them in the long term.

You will find out exactly how this is done in the following.

First, a brief note: To ensure that you do not ignore any aspects you should consider when switching to and entering automated transport systems, you will find a free checklist available for download here. In addition to the current topic, you will also find a detailed article on each of the points listed there, such as this one, which you can access free of charge.


Relieve your staff

The central task of automated intralogistics systems and autonomously operating AMRs is to sustainably relieve your personnel. 
To this purpose, Autonomous Mobile Robots are developed and ultimately deployed with the aim of relieving your staff: inside of monotonous, low-value-added, and potentially dangerous and/or physically demanding tasks with a correspondingly high risk of accidents and illness.

Higher safety standards with far-reaching positive consequences

By relieving your employees of basic logistical transport processes with a high-risk potential, the use of AMRs leads to a significant increase in safety standards.

The direct consequences are

+ The minimization of accidents and illnesses such as physical wear and tear and associated sick leave or absenteeism
+ An increase in operational efficiency with simultaneous savings in running costs
+ A significant increase in the attractiveness of the workplaces concerned and - directly related to this – 
+ Lower fluctuation rates, and
+ The rapid backfilling of any vacancies with skilled employees without the long-term expense of recruiting and training.

Swarm instead of shortage of skilled workers

Particularly sophisticated AMRs such as those from the Austrian company AGILOX - a pioneer in the field of autonomous transport vehicles - have "swarm intelligence". With the help of this, they can not only determine their own route to their destination as well as correct it but are also enormously flexible in terms of their deployment and rapid adaptation to changing basic structures. The technology also enables them to communicate with each other in fleet operations, to learn from each other, and/or to integrate independently into the processes.
AGILOX AMRs thus offer short-, medium- and long-term compensation for any shortage of skilled workers thanks to their broad range of applications and the possibility of expansion by means of additional AMRs that can be deployed immediately.

Progress and change

For the application process of new employees as well as the further training of existing employees, the use of autonomous logistics systems also means competence development in the direction of the future.
In the future, the commissioning, controlling, and adaptation of an AMR fleet will focus on experience, logistics knowledge, and process-oriented planning. Possession of a forklift license, on the other hand, is no longer an absolute prerequisite.

Market advantage through flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability are becoming increasingly crucial factors in determining whether your company is regarded as contemporary, innovative, and vital. This has an enormous impact on whether existing customers stay and new customers approach you.
It is irrelevant whether you develop and manufacture your own products or act as a service provider: If you can react quickly to new developments, trends, or innovations and/or drive them yourself, you have a substantial market advantage in a rapidly changing world.

With the help of autonomous transport solutions such as the aforementioned AMRs from AGILOX, you become and remain flexible and can design, conceive, expand, optimize, and scale your intralogistics according to your needs.


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