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At AGILOX, we develop and produce smart transport systems with swarm intelligence - from software to hardware. In this way, we ensure that all components and technological features - such as our patented omnidirectional drives, sensors, and safety systems - are perfectly matched.


Minimum requirements for maximum performance

The only technical and spatial requirements for our fully autonomous AGILOX AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), which are independent of any guide rails, are as follows.

Charging station

AGILOX AMRs require special charging stations with appropriate power supply for their operation, which are autonomously approached according to demand and order situations. Especially in fleet operations, it is recommended that each vehicle has its separate charging station, which allows each AMR to act independently as soon as a certain charge level is reached or no order is available, without any waiting time.
After only 3-5 minutes, the charging process is complete, and the AMRs automatically reintegrate themselves into the running processes.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

Another basic requirement is a stable and powerful WLAN infrastructure available in all areas of the operational area without fluctuations or disruptions.

Floor conditions

AGILOX AMRs are floor-bound and highly flexible transport vehicles. What they are not designed for, however, is to overcome height differences such as stairs or even floor gaps. For their use, they depend on smooth floors without unevenness.

Minimum dimensions of the bearing structure

Due to their omnidirectional drives, AGILOX AMRs can move in much narrower spaces than pedestrian-controlled forklifts and perform their transport maneuvers in minimal space. Nevertheless, a certain minimum aisle width must not be undercut.


Thanks to our AGILOX swarm intelligence "X SWARM Technology", based on the "Plug & Play" principle, the first vehicle can be integrated into the environment and put into operation in less than twelve hours, and each additional AMR in less than 15 minutes.

It is so easy

To commission the first AMR, it is manually steered - for example, by smartphone or tablet - through the area where it will later be used. In doing so, the AMR uses its sensors to create an exact and precisely measured plan without the need to manually create room maps.
After that, the individual stations can be defined in just a few steps and the AMR can start its operation. Of course, the positions can be readjusted at any time and just as easily for subsequent optimization of the processes.

Any further AMRs then receive a mirror image of the spatial plans and network with the first vehicle to form an intelligent swarm that: 
+ communicates among and with each other,
+ checks the current workloads,
+ distributes jobs among themselves
+ transmits information to each other about obstacles detected along the way, which, if necessary, can be avoided with a recalculated route
+ and as a result, is fully operational within 15 minutes!


With safety to success

AGILOX AMRs are thus ready for action in the shortest possible time, and from then on, 24/7 and 365 days a year, they take over those potentially dangerous and physically challenging work processes that would otherwise have to be carried out by your employees.

In combination with their extensive safety technology, this leads to an immediate maximization of internal safety, from which your employees benefit just as much as you do and, consequently:
+ a considerable increase in efficiency,
+ significant cost savings,
+ to minimization of personnel fluctuation and
+ leads to future-oriented market advantages through more flexibility.

In this way, AGILOX AMRs make an enormous contribution to site security and the development of significant market advantages. This can be confirmed by numerous customers who, with their success stories, are among our most important brand ambassadors.

Our products in brief

With AGILOX ONE, you can take your intralogistics to a new level. Production companies that need to organize their intralogistics processes in a highly flexible, yet secure and stable manner will find the ideal product in the AGILOX ONE. Thanks to the omnidirectional travel system already mentioned many times, the AGILOX ONE moves effortlessly through even the narrowest aisles and is virtually unrestricted in its freedom of movement.

The AGILOX OCF is the powerhouse of our AMR models. With this autonomous counterbalanced truck, it is possible to transport loads of up to 1,500 kg (about 3306.93 lb) with ease. Whether the load carriers are open or closed is irrelevant. In addition, you benefit from all the advantages of our X SWARM Technology.

With the AGILOX ODM, we have also expanded our product range to include an AMR specially designed for small load carriers with a maximum weight of 300 kg (about 661.39 lb), which sets new standards in terms of agility and flexibility in this area of logistics as well.

Finally, a word of advice: our free factsheet, which is available here exclusively for you to download, will give you a complete overview of, 
+ which unique selling points also distinguish AGILOX,
+ why AGILOX is the right choice for you,
+ which groundbreaking and future-oriented potentials are associated with AGILOX's technological innovations,
+ how you can benefit from higher safety standards and continuously optimized processes, and 
+ what our existing customers say about us based on their direct operational experience.

See for yourself.


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