What is AGILOX X-SWARM Technology? And what unbeatable advantages result directly from it?

Automation, Efficiency increase

Read about our innovative AGILOX AMRs - Autonomous Mobile Robots – and how their swarm intelligence has significant advantages.

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Swarm Intelligence

The study of swarms originated in behavioral biology. The study concentrated on how swarms of fish or birds, for instance, can exhibit remarkably intelligent reaction patterns without the individuals themselves possessing the corresponding intelligence. This ability of a collective to behave collaboratively and sensibly, which was eventually termed "swarm intelligence", was subsequently adopted by numerous fields and technologically emulated.

This is also the case for the use of autonomously acting transport systems, as we at AGILOX have done.
The fact that we have made the "ability to swarm intelligence" practical and usable is certainly one of the most innovative and outstanding development achievements of our company.

X -SWARM Technology

Our AMRs are uniquely adapted to scaled fleet operations and simultaneous use with people-controlled vehicles and workers, and score points with incomparable potential thanks to what we call "X-SWARM Technology".

Networked technology

AGILOX AMRs communicate with each other during fleet operations, check current workloads, and intelligently allocate jobs among themselves. In addition, they transmit information to each other in real-time about detected obstacles, which can be cleverly avoided or, in the case of a newly calculated route, bypassed.

This is also a major advantage in the event of changes to production lines or warehouse structures. It enables an AMR that returns – after only a few minutes of charging time - to immediately reintegrate itself into the ongoing processes. AGILOX AMRs ensure a maximum of flexibility in every respect amid dynamic processes and market demands.

Safety technology

Based on its comprehensive sensory safety technology, AGILOX AMRs make a significant contribution to accident-free processes. It monitors all its transport routes and slows down or even stops in the event of an obstacle, bypasses it or calculates a new route to the destination in coordination with all other AGVs.

Plug & Play

Another outstanding feature is the reduction of the time required for commissioning and integration. It is sufficient to manually navigate a single AGILOX AMR – e.g., via smartphone - through the warehouse or production hall, while it independently records the spatial structure using a 2D laser scanner to create a virtual map. After that, it is ready to be assigned to completing workflows. When it comes to adding other AMRs, they will automatically sync their records and will be operational and fully functional in 15 minutes!

A single source - AGILOX!

AGILOX builds autonomous transport solutions where all parts, from the mechanical components, the development and production of the software, and the human-machine interface to the mechanics, safety, and drive technology, are created in-house. This ensures a perfect interaction of all components and guarantees easy handling with full flexibility and the lowest acquisition and operating costs.


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