What you should look out for in terms of certificates

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To ensure the safe and reliable operation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), manufacturers are also provided with operators, standards, and guidelines to support them.

Important documents

A central guide for operators of AGVs is the guideline of the responsible expert committee of the "VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik" (VDI Society for Production and Logistics), which is available here and focuses in particular on the aspect of safety.


As the word "guideline" already suggests, these are general targets. Their concrete regulation is finally defined in the form of "standards", whose compliance and control are finally confirmed and made publicly verifiable using an official attestation - a "certificate".


Certifications are important and reliable decision-making criteria for producers and especially users, providing orientation and security. Certificates are, in the literal sense, "awards" that are only granted after the most stringent specifications and methods have been passed flawlessly by independent testing bodies. So, you can justifiably rely on them.

Driverless and autonomous transport systems are assessed according to the following aspects, among others:

+ Functional safety 
+ Risk assessment about occupational safety, considering national regulations
+ Compliance with applicable product standards
+ Strength and fatigue calculations as well as vibration analysis
+ Electrical and mechanical safety tests
+ Communication and data security as well as Industry 4.0 capability 
+ Evaluation of data security (Security) and occupational safety (Safety) in the operational environment on the operator’s side

In addition, since the goal is usually successful certification in international markets, all country-specific facets must be considered and fulfilled.

Finally, a short but exclusive note for you as a reader of this article: To help you keep an eye on all the other aspects you should consider when switching to and getting started with automated transport systems, you will find a free checklist available for you to download here. In addition, you will find a detailed article on each of the points listed here, which you can also access free of charge.


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