Why AGILOX is the best choice for AMRs with fork systems

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Regardless of whether you choose our all-rounder AGILOX ONE -, our powerhouse AGILOX OCF or the agile AGILOX ODM - with our autonomous forklifts, you will take your material handling processes to a new level!

To learn more about…

+ the unique selling points of AGILOX,
+ why AGILOX is the right choice for you,
+ how you can benefit from higher safety standards and continuously optimized processes, and
+ what our existing customers say about us based on their operational experience

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The best choice

All AGILOX AMRs are equipped with a set of comprehensive, smart, and certified technology features that enables them to act with foresight and avoid any collisions or accidents. This is ensured by numerous safety sensors that permanently monitor their surroundings during operations. If an obstacle stands in the way of an AGILOX vehicle en route, it slows down or brakes immediately, taking into account its current load, and makes sure that the load does not sway or fall off because of the braking process.

The AMR then independently evaluates the current situation:

+ if there is enough space to steer clear of the obstacle, it adjusts the route accordingly and continues its way.
+ if moving around the obstacle is not possible, it calculates an alternative route.

In both cases, when operating a swarm of several AGILOX AMRs simultaneously, it shares its data with the other AMRs, which react accordingly and configure alternative routes to the destination from their current position. In addition, AGILOX AMRs can be equipped with an additional Floor Spot - a light source directed forwards that signals that the vehicle is approaching. That way, AMRs are particularly suitable for collaborative use with other vehicles and people on shared connections and transport routes.

Innovative technology

The innovative plug & play concept of our AGILOX AMRs makes both commissioning and scaling extremely easy. This is made possible by our patented X SWARM TECHNOLOGY. AGILOX AMRs use swarm intelligence, an exceptional technological feature that autonomously creates maps of the facility, monitors the current vehicle and fleet utilization, distributes work orders in the swarm, and shares information about any obstacles.

To commission the first vehicle, it is sufficient to steer it through the warehouse or production hall - for example, by using a smartphone or tablet - while its sensors independently scan and measure the spatial structure and create a map - It is no longer necessary to create manual maps. In the next step, the user can create the individual stations and assign the workflows. The commissioning of your first AGILOX AMR takes less than 12 hours.

Expanding the fleet is done by simply sharing the data of the first AMR; the information will be adopted by all other AMRs and then put into operation in just 15 minutes.

24/7 the best choice

AGILOX AMRs are designed in such a way that, even though they are packed with an abundance of highly sensitive sensors, comprehensive safety technology, and their sophisticated omnidirectional drives - which enable them to maneuver in the smallest of spaces - they have an excellent energy management system. Our AMRs only require 3-5 minutes of charging time per hour of full operation.

As soon as an AMR does not have a work order, it moves to the charging station and then automatically reintegrates itself into the ongoing processes. Apart from these small "downtimes", AGILOX AMRs work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without any further necessary rest periods.


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