Why is automation worthwhile for your employees?

Automation, Efficiency increase

You know this too well from your experience as the person responsible for operational logistics: When a new employee joins the team, they must prove their worth to be fully accepted. This is especially true if the newcomer is an automated transport vehicle or even a robot.

Here is a brief summary of how you can counter the doubts of your employees in the interest of their own safety:

Concerns about being replaced by machines have preoccupied workers since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Not entirely without reason, as history has shown since then.

In the recent past, the "Digital Revolution" has also led to further drastic changes in the world of work - not least through automation.

Automation in potentially dangerous and physically difficult and/or monotonous work processes, such as intralogistics, offers significant advantages and improvements for all employees.



Increased safety. Greater protection.

Automated and autonomous intralogistics solutions mean a significant increase in safety by taking over the potentially dangerous and physically demanding work processes that would otherwise have to be performed by your employees.


Fewer accidents. Fewer illnesses. Less sick leave.

Dangerous and physically heavy work inevitably leads to a higher likelihood of accidents and/or an increased risk of physical wear and tear, which in turn results in sick leave and workforce shortages. Automated and autonomous transportation systems can significantly minimize these.


Safer working conditions, better working climate

Working under potential danger or (self-)experienced accidents inevitably affect the atmosphere in the workplace. On the contrary, the disproportionately higher safety conditions that come with automated and autonomous systems make for a much better and more efficient working climate and consequently lower staff turnover.


Upgrading employees

The automation of work processes that were previously carried out by workers does not in any way mean the replacement of the personnel concerned. Rather, by retraining these employees, they can now be deployed in work areas with higher added value.


Higher job stability

Higher performance potential consequently means higher profits, which ensure the vitality of your company. In this way, automated and autonomous intralogistics solutions also help to secure jobs and ensure the continued need for training and development.

You can see that the automation of intralogistics also pays off for your employees.

From your company's point of view, the switch to automated and autonomous transport systems also pays off on many other levels. Automation leads to a considerable increase in efficiency, demonstrably helps to save costs, minimizes employee fluctuation, and creates future-oriented market advantages through flexibility.


You will find a complete overview of all these advantages - without having to do any time-consuming research yourself - in a compact summary in the free white paper, which is available for you to download here.


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