Why no process changes are necessary with AGILOX AMRs

Automation, Efficiency increase

For contemporary companies whose day-to-day operations are unavoidably and closely linked to intralogistics processes, it is clear that they should or must invest in automated or autonomous transport systems sooner rather than later if they want to remain successful and competitive in the future.

The reason for this is as simple as it is multifaceted.
By relieving your staff of monotonous, low-value-added, and potentially dangerous and/or physically demanding tasks with a correspondingly high risk of accidents and illness, there is a significant increase in safety standards from which both you and your employees' benefit.


As a direct consequence, this also leads on the part of the company to:
+ a significant increase in efficiency
+ significant cost savings,
+ to minimization of personnel fluctuation and
+ to future-oriented market advantages through more flexibility.

However, one of the decisive questions is how quickly and at what investment cost you can expect these positive effects.

Success with AGILOX without process changes

Changing or fundamentally restructuring existing processes and warehouse architectures is time-consuming and involves slowdowns or even downtime, which has a direct impact on business vitality.

In addition, automated transportation systems tied to physical or virtual guardrails require significant preliminary construction work. Work required again in the event of production line changes.

In contrast, our AGILOX AMRs - Autonomous Mobile Robots - whether individually or as a fleet, can be integrated into existing processes without complications.

The only technical and spatial requirements are:

Charging station

AGILOX AMRs require special charging stations with an appropriate power supply for their operation, which are automatically approached according to demand and order situation. In fleet operations, each vehicle should have its separate charging station, which allows each AMR to act independently as soon as a certain charge level is reached or no order is available, without waiting times.
To achieve this, AGILOX AMRs are designed so that their sensors, drives, and computing units require as little power as possible, which is why charging processes only take a few minutes per working hour. After that, our AMRs automatically reintegrate themselves into the running processes.

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

Another basic requirement for the use of one or more AGILOX AMRs is a stable and powerful WLAN infrastructure that is available without fluctuations or disruptions in all areas of the operational area where AMRs are used.

Floor conditions

AGILOX AMRs are ground-based transport vehicles. Even though they can be programmed to carry out processes on different production or storage levels with the help of freight elevators, they are not able to overcome height differences such as stairs or even floor gaps by themselves but depend on smooth floors without unevenness.

Minimum dimensions of the bearing structure

AGILOX AMRs, thanks to their patented omnidirectional drives, can move in much tighter spaces than man-operated forklifts and perform their transport maneuvers in a minimum space. In this way, they ensure the most efficient use of space and warehouse structure. The only prerequisite is that the minimum aisle width, depending on the vehicle, is not undercut.

Any fine-tuning regarding these minimum requirements for our AGILOX AMRs will be clarified with you by our sales team, among other issues.
After that, thanks to the innovative technological AGILOX features, it's a quick process.

Plug & Play!

Once all basic requirements and conditions have been met, the first of our vehicles can be put into operation in less than 12 hours(!) thanks to AGILOX swarm intelligence, or more precisely X SWARM TECHNOLOGY. To do this, it is sufficient to manually control it - for example via smartphone or tablet - through the warehouse or production hall. Our AMR creates a virtual plan of the room situation and measures all routes.
It is then assigned the task processes it must complete. 

All other AMRs, if any, then receive a "mirror" of their records and can be put into operation and used to their full extent in just 15 minutes(!).

In addition, from this point on, our AGILOX AMRs are in contact and communication with each other, check each other's current workload, distribute jobs among themselves, and transmit information to each other about any obstacles that need to be avoided or bypassed using an independently recalculated route.

AGILOX AMRs are optimized to be easily and quickly integrated into existing processes and architectures.
+ Which unique selling points also distinguish AGILOX, 
+ why AGILOX is the right choice for you, too, 
+ what groundbreaking and future-oriented potential is associated with AGILOX's technological innovations and 
+ what our existing customers say about us based on their direct operational experience,

You can find out in our free factsheet, which is available here and from which you can access - also free of charge - in-depth articles such as this one on each of the topics summarized there.


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