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The "France 2030" project aims to strengthen France's innovative capacity and industrial competitiveness. By making targeted investments in start-ups and new technologies, it seeks to create a close link between innovation and industrialization. The plan promotes cross-sector modernization and efficiency in French industry. Lukas Göbl-Groß, Country Manager for France at AGILOX, recently provided insights during a webinar on how French companies can benefit from automation with AGILOX under the “France 2030” initiative.



Challenges and opportunities for French industry

In an environment where industry is crucial to France's national sovereignty and economically weaker regions need to be revitalized, there are numerous challenges ahead. The shortage of skilled labor, rising raw material costs and intense global competition are making many industrial professions increasingly difficult. Given these conditions, the need for innovation and increased efficiency is becoming ever more urgent in order to strengthen France's industrial base and make it future-proof


„France 2030“ Investment plan

The "France 2030" program aims to increase France's innovative strength and secure the competitiveness of the industrial sectors in the long term. The focus is on promoting innovative and critical industries. The aim is to create a closer link between innovation and industrialization. The investment plan envisages channeling more public funds into pioneering technologies in order to promote the country's sustainable growth. In addition, cross-industry modernization is to be promoted. Large industrial groups are to benefit from cooperation with start-ups, whether through financing, takeovers, or partnerships. This should reduce the gap between start-ups and established industrial companies


Driving the industry of the future with automation

Lukas Göbel-Gross, Country Manager of AGILOX France SAS, held a webinar on May 23rd, 2024, on the key challenges and opportunities of automation in the Grande Nation. The webinar covered several key topics, including the possibility of automating existing equipment versus new acquisitions, the choice between AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) and the essential human-machine safety in automated environments. Another focus was on the process of selecting the right solution, highlighting relevant criteria for implementing suitable automation solutions.




With "France 2030", France is sending out a strong signal for an innovative and sustainable future. Through targeted investments and the promotion of start-ups and new technologies, France aims to strengthen its industrial base and assert itself in global competition. The path towards automation and robotization of industry will not only increase competitiveness, but also help to revitalize economically weaker regions and secure national sovereignty. AGILOX can make a significant contribution here and stands for the automation of manual, repetitive intralogistics processes.

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