Haager Lies Half marathon sponsored by AGILOX


Neukirchen bei Lambach – On August 28, 2022, the first Haager Lies Half Marathon took place on the new walk and cycle path between Haag am Hausruck and Neukirchen bei Lambach.

All runners had the possibility to choose one out of three distances to get the best way for their run or walk. For motivated runners was the best choice the Half Marathon, which started in Haag am Hausruck and finished in Neukirchen bei Lambach. Some participants chose the Charity Walk for a comfortable walk through Neukirchen bei Lambach.

Beside the Half Marathon and the Charity Walk, the 5 km Power Run was the third distance, which was solved by numerous motivated AGILOX employees. Some AGILOX colleagues were there as a fan club and cheered on our athletic squad.

As a sponsor of the Haager Lies Half Marathon, we were very pleased about this and were delighted by the great interest shown by our team.

Overall, about 400 people did announce for the event and got to the run although it was a very rainy day. They enjoyed the time in the fresh air and got a motivation boost from their friends and families. Furthermore, many of the runners ran faster through the rainy weather because they wanted to finish it as fast as possible. All finishers got some snacks and drinks for regeneration after their run. After the run, snacks and drinks were provided for all finishers to regenerate from this effort.

The award ceremony was held in the restaurant Kloibhofer, which is located next to the goal. This was a good place to get together for a good traditional Austrian meal and celebrate your sporting prowess.

All in all, the event was a complete success and will hopefully take place again in the next years.
Finally, we would like to thank all runners and the organizers for the great event.




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