How to secure your site with AGILOX AMRs

Automation, Efficiency increase

As a company that is itself all too familiar with the logistics processes involved in production, storage, and delivery, AGILOX knows the issues you face and the direct and indirect aspects that are crucial to securing your site in the long term. In addition, AGILOX has been in constant and close exchange with existing and potential customers since the very beginning, to learn from their practical environments and to constantly optimize the systems.

The development and production of our AGILOX AMRs thus originates from the middle of direct and long-term experience as well as knowledge of corporate "settings" and their processes.


Optimizing processes

The optimization of process flows is one of the core topics of every company. Not only to save costs but also to make operations more flexible but also  to increase the safety of employees.


One of the central tasks of our AMRs is to relieve your staff of monotonous, low-value-added, and potentially dangerous and/or physically demanding activities with a correspondingly high risk of accidents and illness.
Important note: Because of the fears repeatedly expressed by employees in this context, it should be emphasized once again at this point that the aim is to "relieve" and not to replace workers, who can instead be deployed in more valuable positions because of the application of AMRs.

By directly significantly increasing operational safety standards and optimizing process flow, the use of AMRs:
+ to significantly fewer accidents or signs of wear and tear because of one-sided and physically heavy activities, which contributes to a reduction in sick leave.
+ to a noticeably better working atmosphere thanks to safe working conditions, which has an impact on your attractiveness as an employer and is subsequently reflected in lower personnel fluctuations and the prevention of a shortage of skilled workers,
+ as well as higher productivity rates of your company, which in turn results in more job security and satisfaction among your employees.

For you as a company, the improvements also result in:
+ a significant increase in efficiency,
+ significant cost savings,
+ a minimization of personnel fluctuation and
+ future-oriented market advantages through more flexibility.

Simple operation for continuous process optimization

Based on the innovative X-SWARM Technology developed by us, our AGILOX AMRs have swarm intelligence. This makes it possible for our vehicles to be put into operation within a very short time in line with the plug & play principle and to act as an intelligent collective in fleet operation by collaboratively checking the current workload, distributing jobs among themselves, and communicating information on any obstacles that need to be avoided.

Because of this exceptional vehicle technology, it takes just a few hours to get the first AMR up and running by manually steering it through the warehouse or production floor via tablet or smartphone. In doing so, it automatically creates a comprehensive plan of the room situation using its sensors, without the need to manually prepare room maps.
Subsequently, it is sufficient to define the stations and assign the processes to the AMR.

The decisive point regarding continuous process optimization is the fact that the stations are not simply defined by you, but are defined internally by you, and the processes can be optimized on an ongoing basis in this way.

In addition, detailed analysis data on the part of the AMRs provide you with information and opportunities to tap into and utilize their highest potential.

The remarkably short charging times of just 3-5 minutes per working hour and the autonomous start-up of the charging station and subsequent reintegration into the running processes also ensure that the processes run optimally and remain in constant flow without any significant downtime.

Site security using optimized processes and significantly higher safety standards is an enormously important aspect, but only one of the many advantages associated with AGILOX AMRs.

Do you want to know which unique selling propositions also distinguish AGILOX and why AGILOX is the right choice for you? What groundbreaking and future-oriented potential is associated with AGILOX's technological innovations? And what do our existing customers report about us based on their direct operational experience?

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