Maximum Safety


Maxium safety for man and machine thanks to numerous sophisticated (safety) sensors.


With AGILOX you are always at the cutting edge of safety technology

Based on data from laser scanners, the navigation algorithm developed in-house calculates the current position in space. The AGILOX vehicle uses the contours of the surroundings, even in complicated environments, to navigate with millimeter precision. Obstacles are automatically recognized as such by the AGILOX vehicle and, if the physical situation permits, are avoided while maintaining the safety zones. There are several (safety) scanners that help navigate the vehicle precisely and safely through the environment:

  • Navigation laser scanner
  • Distance sensor, load monitoring
  • Safety laser scanner
  • Distance sensors, fork tips
  • Laser scanner, pallet detection
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor


Everything in view with the safety laser scanner

The detection of people in the system’s area of movement is performed by three safety laser scanners installed at the front corner points on both sides of the vehicle and in the rear center, resulting in a monitoring area of 360° at a height of 80 mm. The monitoring of the surroundings and the automatic switching of the safety protective field takes place depending on operational requirements and conditions such as speed and direction of travel. As soon as an obstacle leaves its protective field, the AGILOX vehicle continues its journey without intervention by the operator. Manual confirmation is therefore not required. For the customer, this means maximum safety.

Additional safety thanks to multiple emergency stop buttons

An AGILOX has several emergency stop buttons which, when pressed, disconnect the drive units from their power supply. This means that both the travel motion of the vehicle and the movements of its lifting devices are stopped immediately. This means that really nothing can go wrong when using our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).



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