How can you save costs through automation in production logistics?

Automation, Efficiency increase

For you as the person responsible for production logistics, the issue of automation naturally also centers on the question of cost savings.

For this reason, you will find below a brief overview of how many and at which levels automation leads directly to cost savings.

Nevertheless, you should not only focus on the aspect of cost reduction when dealing with the topic of "automation of intralogistics", but also direct your attention to all the other advantages that are directly associated with it.

Automation also serves to increase efficiency, leads to a significant increase in safety standards, counteracts fluctuation and makes your operation fit for the future through flexibility.

In this respect, you should download the free whitepaper, in which you will receive a compact overview and answers on the topic of "Automation of production logistics" - without having to do your own extensive research.

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Back to the initial question: How can you save costs through automation in production logistics?


Basic differences

As you know, automation in production logistics can be achieved by means of inflexible solutions - these include conveyor belts or transport solutions tied to guide rails - or by means of autonomously acting transport systems.

The latter is not only much more dynamic in use but can also be adapted much more flexibly to changes in logistics processes or the reorganization of the warehouse. Compared to inflexible logistics solutions, this proves to be a significant savings potential, especially in the longer term.

In addition, autonomous systems - which are also made up of individual units that are independent of a central control unit - compensate for the risk of a complete standstill; in contrast to the possible failure of a central computer.

Of course, there are also numerous factors that directly result in cost savings through automation.


Cost savings through optimal use of space

Unused warehouse space as well as wide connecting paths, as required for person-controlled forklifts, take up a lot of space that could be used for storage.

In contrast, smart autonomous intralogistics solutions score points thanks to omnidirectional drives with maximum space utilization and logistically foresighted planning.


Cost savings through continuous operation

Autonomous transport systems provide their service in continuous operation 24/7 or exactly when you consider it most efficient - of course also in parallel operation with your employees and other vehicles.


Cost savings thanks to lower staff turnover

By having autonomous logistics systems take over basic transport processes, you also minimize the complications and costs that are all too often caused by the turnover of the relevant workforce and the subsequent costs of recruiting and training.

This is a brief overview of the positive effects of automation solutions on internal logistics costs. As addressed earlier, you can find more details on this topic and all the other benefits of automation in the free whitepaper.


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