Georg Kirchmayr to leave AGILOX


Georg Kirchmayr TO LEAVE AGILOX

  • Co-Founders and Managing Directors Josef Baumann-Rott and David Niedermaier to take over Kirchmayr's responsibilities, supported by the extended management board around Jürgen Baumgartner, Markus Troger and Daniel Zindl
  • AGILOX with very successful year 2022 and structurally well positioned for further growth going forward


Neukirchen, Austria, 30 May 2023 – AGILOX announces that CEO, Mr Georg Kirchmayr, is leaving the company at the end of May. His departure, which is for personal reasons, has been in mutual agreement with the founders and the other shareholders of AGILOX.

AGILOX had a very successful year 2022, with revenue increasing by over 50% year-on-year and the successful implementation of structural growth initiatives under the leadership of Georg Kirchmayr, which will ensure continued strong growth going forward:

  • Realigning the sales strategy and further internationalisation through substantial investments in AGILOX’s presence in the US and the opening of a subsidiary in China;
  • Strengthening AGILOX’s position as a full-range supplier to the AMR market with the successful launch of the new ODM (Omnidirectional Dolly Mover) product and ongoing investments in further new products in the R&D pipeline
  • Professionalising AGILOX’s organisation structures and processes as well as expanding the management team through the appointments of Jürgen Baumgartner as Chief Sales Officer and Markus Troger as Chief Financial Officer

AGILOX is therefore ideally positioned to further expand its position as a technology leader in the rapidly growing AMR market and to become an international market leader. AGILOX Co-Founders and Managing Directors Josef Baumann-Rott and David Niedermaier will assume Mr Kirchmayr‘s management responsibilities with immediate effect. They are supported by the extended management board, including Jürgen Baumgartner, Chief Sales Officer, and Markus Troger, Chief Financial Officer, as well as Daniel Zindl, Chief Product Officer.

The Co-Founders and other shareholders of AGILOX are grateful to Mr Kirchmayr for his leadership and commitment during this significant period of progress for the company and wish him the best for the future.


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