Precise navigation enables maximum safety


AGILOX X-SWARM TECHNOLOGY enables autonomous navigation without limitations.

As if guided by an invisible hand, our green Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are able to navigate through their environment. Our unique navigation system based on the AGILOX X-Swarm Technology makes this possible. Fixed tracks anchored in the ground are finally a thing of the past.


Our AGILOX philosophy is premised on offering our customers an easy-to-use product based on the latest technology. Precise and robust indoor navigation for demanding industrial environments is the basis for an autonomous robot. The AGILOX navigation system is a part of our AMR control software, the AGILOX X-Swarm Technology. AGILOX X-Swarm Technology works without external frameworks and is 100% developed by AGILOX engineers. Customers and industry experts describe it as the best AMR control system available on the market today.


Developed in-house from the ground up

Most AMR providers use external navigation systems. Developing your own navigation system is uncommon in the AMR market. Why? Because it is one of the most complex tasks in developing an autonomous robot. But once you’ve done it, you can benefit from a number of advantages. Above all, independence from external suppliers and perfect integration into the overall vehicle control system have proved to be enablers for many successful projects in demanding industrial environments.


In the beginning was the idea

The list of requirements and challenges was long when AGILOX engineers started to develop a brand new navigation methodology for AGILOX AMRs. Frequently changing environments, plug & play commissioning by the end customer, high precision, no local infrastructure and many other requirements had to be taken into account. We tinkered and pondered. And we did it! The AGILOX navigation system uses information provided by a 2D LIDAR scanner to calculate its current position. Based on this information, a highly optimized algorithm calculates the vehicle’s position.  The repeatability is very high at 2 to 4 mm and even environments with poor localization information (e.g. block storage with high pallets) are no problem for an AGILOX.


What if an obstacle gets in the way of the AMR?

An AGILOX uses the contours of the environment to navigate with millimeter precision. Obstacles are automatically recognized as such by the vehicle and, if the ambient conditions allow, avoided. In addition, various sensors such as the safety laser scanner or obstacle avoidance help the vehicle to navigate precisely and safely through the production hall or warehouse. This enables maximum safety for man and machine – even in unclear environments. That is a real AGILOX advantage!



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