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Autonomous Mobile Robots revolutionize intralogistics at Bosch


In the age of digitalization and automation, companies are looking for innovative solutions to make their logistics processes more efficient and safer. Our Success Story gives us an insight into the world of automated transport systems at Bosch factories.



Alexander Balandin, Head of Mobile Robotics, emphasizes the importance of automation and digitalization in Bosch logistics. As a company with over 400,000 employees and 235 production sites, it is crucial for Bosch to find efficient solutions to optimize the flow of materials while managing the shortage of employees. This is where driverless transport systems come into play.

Martin Luick, responsible for the introduction of autonomous transport systems at Bosch, talks about the use of the AGILOX Autonomous Mobile Robots, which are used to supply production lines and transport finished products. The biggest challenge is to manage narrow traffic routes with high traffic volumes. Thanks to the simple and innovative AGILOX X-SWARM Technology software, new use cases, such as a block storage system, can be easily implemented.

Joachim Pistel reports on the technical realization and implementation of AGILOX vehicles in logistics at Bosch. A major challenge was to integrate the system into the existing conveyor technology. Nevertheless, it was possible to implement a fully automated material flow from the production line to the high-bay warehouse. The success in Bühl led to the expansion of the AGILOX project to the sites at Karlsruhe and Wernau.

Andreas Radde, project manager at Bosch Home Comfort, talks about the desire for automation to make intralogistics safer and for the corresponding implementation. Automated solutions avoid the need for different transport vehicles to drive and transport various goods in the plant. The cooperation of the vehicles, the exchange of production orders, and the independent search for new routes in the event of malfunctions or bottlenecks significantly improve the flow of materials. The AGILOX's battery management system ensures high capacity utilization and avoids empty runs.

Finally, Alexander Balandin highlights the advantages of AGILOX, as each vehicle has its own computer, eliminating the need for centralized fleet management. Implementing and controlling multiple vehicles is simple and efficient. Bosch has already successfully carried out a proof of concept in Bühl and expanded the fleet to seven vehicles. With the goal of increasing to a total of 50 vehicles at all locations this year.


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